INTEGRATED 03 - Intercom and Number

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SUPPLIED WITH AIPHONE JO Intercom Kit - Fully Integrated Intercom supplied with 2 standard 350mm deep housing boxes that are stacked and spot welded together with a fascia panel incorporating an inetgrated Aiphone JO series intercom, Laser CUT house number and or Address, A4 Letterslot and paperhole, text shown in Arial Bold.



    • Aiphone JOS1F Intercom Kit (doorstation and  monitor)
    • 2.5mm Brushed Marine Grade Stainless Steel Face Panel
    • Face panel 300mm wide x 600mm high
    • Standard 225mm x 40mm letter slot
    • Rainhood to Letterslot
    • 100mm diameter paper hole
    • Marine Stainless Steel Housing Boxes
    • 2 x Standard housing boxes 230 wide x 535 high x 350 deep
    • LEAD TIME: Approx 5-7 working days



    • Large 7" Inch LCD Screen
    • Hands free operation
    • Backlit & Night adjustment
    • Crisp Clear Colour video
    • Video and Audio entry station monitoring
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Box Dimension: 2 x Standard housing boxes 230mm wide x 535mm high x 350mm deep;Suits 1 brick wide x 6 bricks high x 1.5 bricks deep
    • Face Panel Dimension: Face Panel 300mm wide x 600mm high
    • Paper Hole Dimension: 100mm Diameter
    • Letter Slot Dimension: A4 - 225mm x 30mm; 225mm x 40mm with Rainhood