When visualising the exteriors of a house, builders typically pay most attention to the lawn and fence, with the aim of creating a façade that is impressive and elegant. It’s also common to use attractive lighting, since not only will this keep the area bright in the evening, but it can also be used to enhance certain aspects of the exterior, such as ornate balconies or beautiful, well-maintained foliage. Using customised letterboxes only serves to take the design process a step further, with styles that complement the rest of the exteriors.

With customised letterboxes, you have the liberty to choose what information you would like mentioned on the box. While you can’t experiment with the materials used to build it in order to ensure longevity, you can customise the external design so it’s better suited to the exteriors of the building. Just a few of the common customised elements of a letterbox includes adding a rainhood when the letterboxes is meant to be installed in an area with no shade, or using backlighting if the area around the letterbox is typically dimly lit.


At The Letterbox Shop, we undertake a wide range of letterbox customisation services. We can produce letterboxes with the house number on it, or even the whole street address, which is essential if you live on a corner block and face mail issues, or live in a rural area. The numbering itself can be produced on a plaque or individually in any size, and most standard fonts.


We can also produce letterboxes without rainhoods, or with outward or inward folded flaps to stop rain from getting in. Since we have our own laser cutter, we are able to produce letterboxes in customised sizes. The letterbox can also be custom made to fit an existing opening in your fence, and slightly bigger than a previous letterbox, to cover any damage to the fence. If you’re looking to have backlighting for any element of the letterbox, such as the numbering, we can produce it to suit this customisation.


If you have a letterbox that is in a fairly good condition and only needs to be upgraded a bit, we can create custom designed letterbox face panels which can be installed over existing openings or panels. While the existing letterbox will continue being used for all packages and letters, the external face panels will function as a much needed makeover for the letterbox, without having to discard it.


Looking to install letterboxes that are customised to suit your décor? Get in touch with The Letterbox Shop for high quality designer stainless steel letterboxes.