Replacement Keys & Cleaning Products

Replacement Keys & Cleaning Products

The Letter Box Shop offers replacement Keys and recommended cleaning products to keep your letterbox looking brand new, no matter where you live.

Replacement keys for your Letter Box Shop letterbox or First Lock Cam Lock ONLY.

Replacement set or additional set of keys for your letterbox with a First lock barrel. First locks have a 5 digit number on the keys stating with 60*** with the last 3 digit’s been between 001-200. On the access door to every letterbox housing there is a key barrel which has the last 3 three digits of the number, provide us with that 3 digit number and we'll send you a set of keys.  If your numbers are higher than 0-200 or more or less than 3 digits long I am sorry but you have a different brand key and we cannot help you. PLEASE NOTE: Have the keys DELIVERED to YOUR WORK or NEIGHBOURS ADDRESS.

Stainless steel is prone to “Tea Staining” but with a little maintenance every letterbox can keep looking as good as the day you brought it!

We offer a simple cleaning pack or for those who live in a marine environment we highly recommend you look at purchasing the maintenance pack.

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