The Letter Box Shop previously offered two options of etching and cutting the numbering or addressing of  letterboxes and plaques but after having issues with the longevity of the etching process we moved to laser cutting only in 2018

Laser ETCHING uses a Co2 Laser engraver, the stainless is coated with a Cermark coating before it is sent to the laser engraver that works like a big printer as such that when the laser hits the cermak it etches a dark mark onto the face of the stainless steel, the panel is then washed clean and packaged up. This mark is a permanent mark but depending on its enviorment can be subject to slight fading over time.


Laser CUTTING is where the panel is physically cut by a larger high powered laser machine, the number or text is cut from the stainless then we back the number cut out with black perspex. The back perspex is a deep dark black that highly contrasts against the stainless. As the numbering is cut through it is a permanent mark.