Tasman Range

Tasman Range

The Tasman Range is for those looking for the horizontal look, with no paperhole it is a simple sleek look, suiting straight walls or timber fences beautifully.

Available in various formats the look is a horizontal rectangle face panel. Using 2.5mm Brushed Marine Grade Stainless Steel for the face panel and in conjunction with the 230mm Deep housing is designed to suit standard brick or blockwork wall. The Letterslot is large 350mm long horizontal slot which fits A4 mail in sideways, thus this letterbox does not need the paperhole as this letterslot will fit A4 mail, local papers and advertising material all in thru the one slot.

Made from marine Stainless Steel the housing is simply bricked-in as you go, once all works around the housing are completed the face panel simply bolts onto the housing box.

***PLEASE NOTE*** The Tasman letterbox is ONLY AVALIABLE with the standard 200mm or 230mm depth housing inserrts or a custom modified housing, please ingnore the housing depth options on the customise your letterbox section.

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